10 Busy Parents Share How They Make Coffee in the Morning

“I’m a California girl through and through, so that means I take it iced. Using pods, I brew a redeye (coffee pod + espresso pod) the night before I intend to drink it. Then I throw in vanilla-flavored liquid Stevia and a packet or two of granulated stevia. Let it sit in the back of the refrigerator overnight, and in the morning I throw in ice, almond creamer, and one packet of raw sugar!” – Krissy

“I’m obsessed with cold brew. I actually hate the bitter taste of regular black coffee. The cold brew is so much smoother that I can enjoy it black and it takes much less creamer to be tasty. It does take a day to brew this way though.” – Jason

“I brew a big ol’ pot of strong, strong coffee (Philz coffee beans) every few nights and keep it in an old glass milk jar in the fridge. Every morning I grab some simple syrup, mix in almond milk, and add the coffee and exactly 4 ice cubes plus a reusable straw. It is so damn good.” — Jenna

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