10 ways you can make your coffee habit actually healthy

Don’t have coffee — and only coffee — for breakfast

Don't have coffee — and only coffee — for breakfast

So, you’re running late for work and you manage to guzzle down a cuppa before heading into your first a.m. meeting. Fast forward to mid-day and your stomach is growling and you realize that — whoops! — you completely forgot to eat breakfast and now it’s past lunchtime. Though drinking coffee is healthy, Adina Pearson, RD, says that because coffee can suppress your appetite and is a stimulant, some people use it as a meal replacement. “Coffee’s stimulant properties may mask the fact you’re undereating, but it’s only temporary. Good self-care means eating enough — not just being buzzed. You can’t run on caffeine because you need food — carbs, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, and fiber — for overall health.”

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