5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Coffee Packaging

The company worked with a design agency and left the colour palette on blends entirely up to them. “As for the single origins, we wanted to continue the legacy of the colours we’ve used on bag cards for the regions we source coffee from, in a subtle fashion,” Pilcher explains.

coffee bag

Stumptown have also kept it simple when it comes to tasting notes, with just two listed on the bags.

“We’ve found tasting notes can get really convoluted, lengthy and tough to decipher for the average coffee drinker,” says Pilcher. “Most coffees have two dominant tasting notes, and if our customers would like to go further down the rabbit hole, we would rather they engage with us on a digital space to learn more about our coffees.”

Their new packaging has become more environmentally friendly as well, with the use of Biotre compostable bags. “Biotre bags are the cutting edge of coffee bag technology. We’re stoked to showcase our coffees in this vessel,” notes Pilcher.  

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