5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Coffee Packaging

Environmental Concerns: La Colombe

Stumptown Coffee Roasters are not the only ones with environmental concerns. New York’s La Colombe Coffee Roasters uses compostable packaging with the goal of minimising their environmental footprint. “Packaging should be raw, recyclable, and natural,” says Marketing Manager Alicia Gentile.

coffee bag

Just over a year ago, the brand launched their clear, airtight bag of coffee beans, carried in a structured paper box. Each box features art that connects the coffee drinker to the coffee’s origin.

“With this packaging, we’re increasing transparency while decreasing environmental impact, cutting our use of plastic and non-renewable fossil fuels nearly in half,” Gentile tells me. “The outer box is fully recyclable and the plastic bag is made from a mix of plastic, wood pulp, and a starch additive that promotes biodegradation.”

Incredibly, nearly all of the packaging will be completely reabsorbed into the natural cycle in five to ten years.

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