Are Breast Milk Lattes Just A Novelty?

There is no doubt that countless new fathers have tasted at least a few drops their wives’ breast milk at some point after childbirth. But how far will they go beyond that first innocent taste? Will they take in an entire cup? Will they fight their children for it? Will they add it to coffee? Or will they go beyond a coffee additive to the realms of the breast milk latte? Is the breast milk latte just another urban legend?

The Taste

According to a post on a discussion board on the non-defunct Answerbagsite:

breast milk will almost always taste like food that the mother eats, kind of watered down and, well, milky. I was expressing in the shower one day and accidently got myself in the face, after I got over the shock, I was amazed at how much it tasted like the chicken dinner I had the night before.

Mr. Nice Guy gives a more detailed description:

sweet. light body … obviously some residual sugar. a mild complexity. a little buttery, just barely effervescent. the finish is a little tannic, actually.

Alex James, the bass player for the English alternative rock band Blur, referred to breast milk as sweet. In his recipe challenge video, he prepares and offers a taste of a breast milk cappuccino to Gordon Ramsay. (September 2018: Video has been removed from YouTube.)

The story offered by Alex in the video is that his wife had recently given birth to twins. Three months after delivery, she took the opportunity to drink a few beers at a Foo Fighters concert and her breast milk was temporarily condemned as a result of the alcohol. Rather than waste it, Alex saved it for himself and to share with friends like Gordon. In the video, Gordon does sip it, but then immediately spits it out. Apparently, breast milk tastes better to the actual fathers then it does to their friends.

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