Cafezinho (Coffee Brazilian Style)

In offices, someone will come by and pour cafezinhos at people’s desks, so don’t be surprised if, smack in the middle of a business discussion, your Brazilian counterpart offers you a little coffee, too. And, at that point, the conversation may well switch to a non-business topic while you sip away. You’ll even be offered a cafezinho while shopping at H. Stern and other ultra-sophisticated stores and boutiques. Or you can “belly up to the bar” at any of the countless places that serve cafezinhos, order one and sip away while standing on the sidewalk. If you can spare the time, sit at a table in any of the fabulous cafes where tiny, scrumptious little cookies or sugar-dipped orange peel are always placed next to your cup.

Cafezinho – The antique coffee maker pictured here comes from the state of Minas Gerais, home to Milton Nascimento and many other world-renowned musicians. The cloth strainer fits in the hole and the coffee pot sits right underneath it.

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