Cherry Bombe’s Kerry Diamond Is Making a Greener Coffee Shop

Kerry Diamond’s latest mission is fueled by coffee. When she’s not publishing the most gorgeous food magazine and elevating voices of kick-ass women as the editorial director of Cherry Bombe, or hosting the Radio Cherry Bombe podcast, you can find Kerry at Smith Canteen, her Carroll Gardens coffee shop, where she’s plotting and scheming to make it the greenest coffee spot in Brooklyn.

Think about the last weekday morning that you physically sat in your local coffee shop and took the time to drink it out of an actual mug. (Before a few weeks ago, when I sat with Kerry on a bench outside of the Canteen sipping iced coffee out of a Mason jar, I can’t remember.) These days, Kerry is working to make that a daily occurrence.

By January 2019, Smith Canteen will no longer offer single-use plastic cups — an entire year before Starbucks plans to switch to (thicker) plastic sippy lids to avoid plastic straws in January 2020. It’s called the Green Canteen Project, and if there’s anyone who’s up for the challenge it’s Kerry.

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