10 delicious caffeinated snacks to replace your morning cup of coffee

Coffee and espresso drinks are the beverages of choice for millions of people every morning, partly for taste, but let’s be honest, mostly for the caffeine boost. Unfortunately, not all of our bodies react well to liquid coffee products, or sometimes we just get bored of drinking the same thing multiple times a day. Another problem with caffeinated drinks is that they’re not filling.

A solution to all of these issues is caffeinated snacks. If you’re both hungry and tired, caffeinated snacks kill two birds with one stone, plus they give your mouth something to do when you’re bored. These snacks are the more creative, and at times, more convenient solutions to getting the energy and focus you need to power through a work, school, and gym day.

RXBAR coffee chocolate bars

RXBAR coffee chocolate bars

RXBAR Whole Food Protein Bar

For a small pre-workout, post-workout, or midday pick-me-up, snack on this RXBAR flavor, which has 5 mg of coffee caffeine and 12 grams of protein. Made with egg whites, nuts, and dates, it’s Whole30 approved, too.

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