Home Roasting Coffee with a Heat Gun and Bread Machine

The Crocodile Dundee Connection

My first roast was with a heat gun and dog bowl. I quickly graduated to the popcorn popper and amassed a menagerie of poppers and modified poppers that lasted a couple of years. I was roasting up to ten batches of four ounces each (40 ounces) per session about every two or three weeks. I roasted so many times I finally started to understand the roasting process. After two years, roasting so many batches in about two or three hours sessions gave me an insight into the nuances of roasting, but exhausted my desire to roast.

I had to have a shorter process of roasting more beans at a time and in less time. I looked around and settled on the “Corretto” style of roasting, which was promoted and invented by a group of Coffee Snobs in Australia.

The process used a bread machine and a heat gun, which I already had and cost $10.00. I found a bread machine at the Salvation Army resale store. I waited for discount Friday and picked it up for $3.50. After a few sample roasts, which were only six inches above the dog bowl roasting process, I modified the bread machine with switches ($10.00) that made the paddle work all the time and rewired the heating element (that I never use) to work at the flip of a finger.

Bread Machine Home Roasting

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