How Caffeine Affects Kids: Global Coffee Culture Influences

For most parents, the thought of giving their young child a cup of coffee ranks right up there with some of the worst parenting sins, like giving a child an alcoholic drink. But what many parents fail to consider is that kids consume caffeine on a daily basis from a number of other sources, including soft drinks, chocolate, and even energy drinks.

Caffeine Recommendations for Kids

One main issue is a lack of caffeine intake guidelines for kids in the US. As a result, how much caffeine a young child should have is murky at best. But in a country like Canada, kids are restricted to a recommended 45 mg of caffeine a day at preschool age. This is equivalent to a 12 ounce soda or four small chocolate bars.

If you’ve ever seen your child down cup after cup of soda at a birthday party or gorge themselves on chocolate on Halloween, then they’ve probably exceeded their recommended caffeine limit.

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