How Caffeine Affects Kids: Global Coffee Culture Influences

Global Coffee Cultures and Children

Although American parents may feel pious by refusing to give their kids coffee at a young age, other cultures don’t share the same sentiment. Latin American cultures especially are well-known for giving kids coffee with milk at an early age as a warm drink served with breakfast.

How early do kids in Latin America drink coffee? It depends, although many locals reveal that it can be as early as a child is out of a high chair. Many Latin American coffee drinkers liken this to the French view on wine. In France, kids are given wine in moderation at a young age, and they also drink cafe au lait each morning.

Nursery-age children in Brazil are offered both milky coffee and caffeinated iced tea on a daily basis. Most kids love the milky coffee drink and consume it regularly during their growing years.

The Brazilian government stands behind early coffee drinking and even encourages the practice. At a recent SCAA Symposium, a Brazilian coffee industry representative advocated the fact that children in elementary school are given regular coffee breaks to develop a coffee drinking habit at an early age.

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