How to Make Cascara Tea in a French Press

Cascara has been gaining popularity in coffee circles in the past few years and with Starbucks releasing their own Cascara Latte, soon the term cascara will become commonly known to many that frequent cafes or read coffee websites.

Cascara is the dried outer skin of a coffee cherry. In Spanish cascara means peel or fruit skin. It is collected during the pulping process. Usually, the coffee producer uses the wet method of production, but some cascara is now being collected from producers using the natural production. These cascara skins are sometimes dried to be used as a tea.

Cascara is not technically tea, as tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant. This is explained in our article A Coffee Lover’s Guide to Tea. However, it is being used increasingly to make a tea-like beverage. When brewed as a tea, cascara is delicious. It tastes fruity with notes of cranberries and honey. And cascara tastes great both hot and iced.

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