I cut coffee out of my life and I’ve never felt better

Decaf still holds traces of caffeine because the beans naturally contain it!

I made the personal decision to quit when I discovered coffee has been linked to increased anxiety. With my anxiety, I was in a state of uneasiness and worry with symptoms such as increased heart rate, quickened breathing, sweating, shaking, and sometimes vomiting. I was victim to all of this, yet I did not understand why.

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Many high school and college students face stress and start their days with coffee, so I did not even fathom the idea that my caffeine intake could be what was setting me over the edge. Coffee has been shown to cut blood flow to the brain and can be 2x as effective if a woman is pregnant or on birth control. Once it got unbearable, I did my research and discovered what was happening to me. I then decided it was time to make the life altering decision to cut my caramel swirl coffee out of my life.

Oh. my. God. The withdrawals. You hear about people who do hard core drugs can get all itchy and pained after they’re cut off and I never thought me, a girl who occasionally uses Advil, would have to worry about withdrawal symptoms.

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