When it comes to COFFEE, especially any leftover nectar, I refuse to waste it. With a culinary degree under my belt, inspiration reigns supreme. I’ve found interesting uses for that […]

What does your favorite coffee taste like? Would you consider it bold or delicate, acidic or smooth? Is your coffee heavily fruited, with distinct mango and tamarind scents? Spicy with […]

Shortly after you start home roasting coffee you’ll come face to face with a near-empty bag of coffee. You’ll look at it and decide it’s too little for a single […]

According to the latest figures from the World Resources Institute over 7 million tons of coffee is consumed around the world each year. In the UK the average person uses […]

Drip style coffeemakers are abundant. Walk in to any department store, and there will likely be several, many under $50. The problem with most of these coffee brewers is that […]