Before I start the list, let me discuss my background. I am not in the industry. I am a coffee enthusiast that has visited hundreds of different coffee shops in the […]

Why is it that when we add whisky to coffee we use Irish whiskey, never Scotch whisky? I discovered recently that, historically, ‘Scotch Coffee’ had nothing to do with whisky […]

Seeing the lush, green valleys and beautiful mountains of Costa Rica from the air as we were landing in San Jose’ was not even the tip of the iceberg concerning […]

One of the main reasons for starting a business is to make money. If you want to make some real money with the coffee retail business, you must follow steps […]

Though my research on coffee revealed over 30 species of the genus, the major commercial coffee beans come from Arabica and robusta trees. Arabica (Coffea arabica), named for the Arabs, […]

When I home roast coffee, I use a big frying-pan. I buy my green coffee beans from different parts of the world and then deliver the roasted coffee each day […]

Roasted coffee beans must be grinded to break the beans into smaller pieces so as to increase the surface area necessary for extraction. The finer the grind size, the faster […]