The company behind the butter and coffee craze plans to open a café in NYC — Here’s what it’s like

But what it does like is grass-fed cows and local foods, plus a– kicking.

The place is packed at 3 p.m. on a Sunday. People are ordering everything from coffee to energy bars. Like at Starbucks, there are also people sitting inside and outside the café. Asprey wants the shop to be a place for the biohacking community to convene, but most people sitting seem to be treating it like a normal coffee shop.

Its menu is anything but normal. There are Stack-Upgrades, which take black coffee and add herbal blends to it to burn fat, reduce stress, or boost antioxidants. There’s a huge selection of teas. Its BrewCode coffee is “digitally handcrafted” and can have butter and other things added. Meanwhile, the “mold-tested upgraded coffee” includes the original BPC.

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