The Entrepreneurs Helping to Cultivate Colombia’s Coffee Industry

A few days ago, I spoke to a group of rural entrepreneurs in Huila, Colombia, many of whom were smallholder coffee producers. As I stood at the front of the room, presenting on agribusiness, I looked around at my audience, all of them determined to learn as much as possible. There was a hunger in the room, a hunger to improve and grasp new opportunities.

My audience was made of up of many of the entrepreneurs pushing Colombia’s coffee industry forward – but they don’t just exist in Huila. You’ll find them all over the country. They want to adopt best practices, collaborate, share knowledge, experiment with techniques and, perhaps most importantly, improve their businesses. And to do so, they’re often looking outside of the traditional models of coffee production and trading.

So why is entrepreneurialism thriving in Colombia? And who are the producers leading the way? Keep reading to find out.

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