The Quick Economics of Home Roasting Coffee

What does the coffee fanatic do during a recession? On the surface it appears there are 4 choices.

  1. Do nothing different. Cut spending elsewhere. Let the dog eat generic chow while you are sipping on your Cup of Excellence coffee.
  2. Cut back on the QUANTITY of coffee. Have one less coffee a day.
  3. Cut back on the QUALITY of coffee. Goodbye local roaster, hello canned coffee.
  4. Start roasting your own coffee. Brilliant idea!

Option 1 is the first line of defense. But what if you’ve already cut back your expenses in other areas? Option 2 is the most efficient method, but it requires the most discipline. Option 3 is just wrong. Never sacrifice quality. That leaves us with Option 4. Let me go through the numbers and show you how much money you could save by home roasting your own coffee.

Before I go through the numbers, I need to say that home roasting coffee is super easy and there are many businesses that sell green coffee beans. For help on getting started with home roasting, look over the Roasting Coffeesection. It has many tutorials and articles to get you started.

Green Coffee Beans
Green Coffee Beans

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