The Secret to Brewing Good Coffee Outside

I love having my daily cup of coffee — for the caffeine, but also for the ritual involved. That’s why, when I set off on a two-week bike trip at the end of summer, I brought along a pretty serious coffee setup. Taking a normal ritual and doing it somewhere entirely different is special, which is why I’m such an advocate of making coffee outside.

So what do you need to make good coffee outside? Well, there’s one secret you should definitely know — plus a few more tips and tricks of the trade

The Secret to Brewing Good Coffee Outside

The main secret to good coffee outdoors is the same secret for coffee indoors:good beans. You can have all the fancy outdoor coffee-brewing gear in the world, but if the beans are bad, the cup of coffee will be too. Bring along beans from your favorite roaster, or use your trip as an excuse to find beans from a roaster you’ve never tried before.

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