Things I Would Like to See Improved in Specialty Coffee

My advice to cafe owners is to walk into their own shop as if they know nothing about the coffee being served and see if they can figure out what is in the hopper before the barista asks for their drink order.

Rwanda Single Origin Espresso by Victrola 2012

2 No Bus Tray

This is a minor issue and easy to remedy. Some coffee shops have begun removing bus trays. They want to be more restaurant-like and bus tables for the customers. Good intentions, but unfortunately it doesn’t work well at the times it most needs to.

What happens when a coffee shop experiences a rush? All resources go to making drinks, not busing tables. Customers that are leaving their seats see new customers ready to take their spots. They would like the opportunity to be respectful and clean their area before they leave, but there is no bus tray and due to the rush, there is no one there to clean the table. So the dirty dishes remain on the table. It makes the person leaving feeling like a jerk and the person sitting down feel like the cafe is a mess. Cafe employees never see this side, because that is when they are focused on making drinks.

Also, other coffee shops have trained us to place our dishes in a bus tray. We aren’t inconvenienced. We love our coffee shop and want the opportunity to help out, especially when the shop is busy.

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