This veteran-run coffee company wants to take on ‘anti-American’ Starbucks to ‘make coffee great again’

BRCC’s pro-veteran, anti-political correctness stances have been part of the company’s brand long before the Starbucks boycott. The company was founded by a veteran, Evan Hafer, and more than half of employees are veterans, Fox Business reported.

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“We hold true to our values as conservative, pro-military, pro-law enforcement, and pro-2nd Amendment American citizens and never waiver in those values in order to simply make the maximum amount of profit,” executive vice president and COO Scott Bollinger writes in his bio on the company website.

These values shine through in almost everything the BRCC sells. Roasts include “F— Hipster Coffee,” “Caffeine and Hate,” and “Better Than a Blowjob.”

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