Top 7 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

5 Lowers risk of getting cancer

According to a number of studies, men who drink coffee could be at a lower risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer. Research from the Harvard School of Public Health has also suggested that drinking four or more cups of coffee on a daily basis will decrease the risk of endometrial cancer in women by up to 25% [5]. In addition to this, researchers have found a link between regular coffee drinking and lower rates of liver, colon, breast and rectal cancers. Again, it is thought that it is related to the antioxidants found in coffee.

6 Good for the brain

Coffee is said to provide a temporary boost of brain activity and gives you a short-term memory boost. In addition to this, studies have suggested that it could also help to prevent cognitive decline, associated with diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

A Finnish study found that drinking three to five cups of coffee daily at midlife age could result in a 65% decreased risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia later in life [6]. Some believe this is down to the caffeine in coffee, which prevents the build-up of beta-amyloid plaque, something which could contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

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