What it’s like to work as a barista at Saint Frank, a café exclusively for Facebook employees and guests that serves up to 450 drinks a day

Facebook‘s Menlo Park headquarters serves up some delectable – and free – meals for its employees.

But a good number of Facebook employees don’t opt for a free cup of coffee in the morning. Instead, they head to Saint Frank Coffee, a café nestled on the border of Zone 3 and Zone 4 in MPK 20.

Saint Frank Coffee is a specialty coffee chain that operates two other locations in San Francisco. It’s even got a daughter venture: St. Clare Coffee. On Yelp, the chain’s Russian Hill location’s price range is listed as “under $10,” while its SoMa roastery’s price range is listed as “moderate.”

According to barista Cris Mendoza, Saint Frank was initially supposed to just operate a cart on Facebook’s lush rooftop park. But in July 2016, Saint Frank opened up a new location in the belly of the tech company. As a result, the Menlo Park Saint Frank location is only accessible to Facebook employees and their guests.

we spoke with Mendoza and his fellow barista Jason Yeo about what it’s like to work at Saint Frank’s Menlo Park café.

Here’s what they had to say:

Facebook and Saint Frank share more than a location.

Facebook may be a tech powerhouse and Saint Frank may focus on crafting high quality coffees, but the two entities have a few things in common in terms of their stated company values.

Facebook’s mission statement is to “bring the world closer together.” Saint Frank, on the other hand, is named for both its hometown of San Francisco, and St. Francis of Assisi.

“Saint Francis had a passion for life and connection with people and the world around him in a way that shapes our direction in coffee and service,” the company’s website reads.

Mendoza said that Saint Frank Coffee founder and owner Kevin Bohlin is drawn to the writings of St. Francis, namely “the idea that everybody has value, everybody matters.” He said that everything about Saint Frank is built to reflect that philosophy. He said that Saint Frank works to forge close relationships with its coffee producers in Guatemala, Honduras, and Kenya.

“We want to value the people in every aspect of the supply chain within coffee,” Yeo told Business Insider. “That means honoring the farmers who put in a lot of hard, labor-intensive work toward the product that they’re producing for us.”

Mendoza said the coffee business operates with the goal of “making this huge world smaller in little ways” – like sharing a cup of coffee.

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