What it’s like to work as a barista at Saint Frank, a café exclusively for Facebook employees and guests that serves up to 450 drinks a day

Saint Frank handles orders a bit like Chipotle.

Saint Frank’s Menlo Park location isn’t the biggest café – but Mendoza said it’s one of the fastest of its size.

He said that he’s seen three Saint Frank baristas “crush” 25-person lines “in less than 14 minutes.”

According to Mendoza, the secret ingredients are teamwork and a well-designed café.

“When I go to other cafes, a lot of times they’ll have someone on the register – taking money, greeting customers, and ringing stuff up,” he said. “Here, everybody’s hands are involved in making the drink. You don’t have someone just standing there. We maximize staffing and efficiency.”

Saint Frank doesn’t hand out tickets, either.

“You don’t order at the register, have someone ring you up and walk away,” Mendoza said. “You kind of hang out for the whole process.”

Mendoza and Yeo both said that the process is a bit more humanizing for both the barista and the customer.

“We have a company saying: ‘We don’t serve coffee, we serve people,’” Yeo said.

But Mendoza said this specialized attention to each order doesn’t slow things down.

“Some people are like, ‘Wow, that was really fast. I love your guys’ ordering process. It’s very efficient,’” he added. “I joke around with them, ‘Yeah, it’s kind of like Chipotle, right?’”

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