Why You Should Always Put a Coffee Filter In Your Flower Pots

Plants add vibrancy to our living spaces like nothing else quite can. And although tending to them isn’t necessarily hard, they are living things that require our time and attention. Anything that makes caring for plants a bit easier is a plus in our book — because this means we can add a few more! Here’s how coffee filters contribute to smart, less-mess plant maintenance.

They allow water, but not dirt, to drain: Putting a coffee filter between your plant’s dirt and the pot’s drainage hole keeps dirt from leaking out. When dirt flows out of the hole with water, the hole can become clogged, making water flow less freely. This can lead to root rot, which could kill your plant. Not only so, but dirt flowing out with the water makes a mess. Some people put rocks in the bottom of their pots to avoid these problems, but a coffee filter is much easier. Water will flow out freely, air can flow in freely, and dirt will stay neatly put.

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