Your Coffee Needs This Yemeni Spice Blend

You’re so over pumpkin spice, you have no interest in tree sap lattes, and you’re getting bored with your morning mug of golden milk. So how should you spice up your coffee and mix up your a.m. routine?

What Is Hawaij?

The word hawaij (also spelled hawayij, hawayej, or hawaj) is pronounced “huh-why-adge” and it means “mixture” in Arabic. Two different versions of hawaij are staples in Yemeni kitchens and among Yemenite Jews in Israel: There is a savory hawaij for soups and stews (due to its turmeric content and curry-like flavor profile, it has been described as “connecting the culinary dots” between Yemen and India, which were both crucial stops on the spice trade route of the 7th and 8th centuries) and a second, more aromatic one for coffee and desserts.

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